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 What is Beauty?
What is Beauty?
Beauty depends on three basic features...
Nearly all of the faces that are perceived as "beautiful" by most people in the world including Turkey actually have 3 basic features. Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Liv Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Shakira, Emma Watson, Candice Swanepoel, Amber Heard and many more beautiful faces share these qualities; a protruding and strong jawline, protruding and high cheekbones and bright, smooth skin.

When we look at each of these faces by analysing these 3 basic features it is easy to identify what it is that creates "the perception of a beautiful woman". The nose of an actress may be arched, or the ears of a model may protrude, but it is rare to find a beautiful woman who has a receding chin. In fact, the chin is a physical feature that belongs only to humans, which no other animal possesses, and a protruding chin is an important factor for beauty.

Almost half of the patients who present in plastic surgeon offices complaining about the appearance of their nose, also have a receding chin or jawline and a lack of volume in the cheekbone area. In general, however, nobody can really fully examine themselves in profile. If both these structures are receding or collapsed, perceptually the nose can appear to be bigger than it actually is. If the nose is arched then the nose will appear to be quite thick, located in the centre of the face, and the patient’s main expectation may be to reduce the size of their nose. It is at this point, that the goal of giving the whole face balance and symmetry, as described earlier, becomes important.

The possibilities offered by aesthetic and plastic surgeons can make a striking difference to your appearance. However, you should be sure that you are in touch with ethical and professional surgeons who can provide you with the satisfying results that you desire.
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What is Beauty?
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All operations and non-surgical treatments are performed by plastic surgeons.


All operations take place in Ministry of Health approved or JCI accredited hospitals located at the city center. All medical devices and implants used are FDA approved.


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Our hair transplant team is led by plastic surgeons and doctors specialized specifically on hair transplant.


Our operations take place in a JCI accredited hospital located at the city center.


Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.


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