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 Our Story
We, as an Intercountry Health Tourism Company, started our journey with a new approach in health tourism. With empathy and understanding, we are alive to the concerns that our patients have during their travel to foreign countries for health specific reasons. For this reason, when we go about designing the services that we offer, we put ourselves in the shoes of our guests. As Istanbul Surgical Arts, our primary goal is to help our guests "feel at home".
As partners of Istanbul Surgical Arts, we inspired from our female instincts and the sense of hospitality which stems from our cultural heritage. We believe that every institution that serves people should be a "cause of existence" for the world. At Istanbul Surgical Arts, our reason for existence is to enable people to be able to access world class health care while ensuring their comfort through the ethical approach they deserve.


At Istanbul Surgical Arts, we would like to provide a service to all citizens of the world. That's why we have come up with an icon that will remind us of universal values with every step we take: honeycomb.
We are inspired by the purity, healing quality, endurance, radiance and smell of real honey, which has an important place in all cultures of the world. We have put the "honeycomb", which is produced through teamwork, which is both natural and a perfect construction and which is a home to bees, at the heart of our brand.
Istanbul Surgical Arts takes new steps each day to become a brand that represents life, healing and beauty; just like honeycomb..
We wish you healthy and happy days.

Elif Aksoy & Burcu Işık 

All operations and non-surgical treatments are performed by plastic surgeons.


All operations take place in Ministry of Health approved or JCI accredited hospitals located at the city center. All medical devices and implants used are FDA approved.


Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.

Our hair transplant team is led by plastic surgeons and doctors specialized specifically on hair transplant.


Our operations take place in a JCI accredited hospital located at the city center.


Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.


Visit our clinic and get the right perspective of the surgeries we platform.

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