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Your First Contact With Us

How can I get in touch with Istanbul Surgical Arts?
You can reach us via phone, e-mail or through our website. Our team is ready to arrange a free consultation with our professional team of doctors.

In which languages is communication offered in?
Our team members are able to communicate with you in English. We are able to provide translated support for German, Arabic and Italian through the assistance of our patient consultants.

What kind of information can I gather during my first consultation with Istanbul Surgical Arts?
You will be provided with brief information about our brand and the experience you are going to have with Istanbul Surgical Arts.

Free Consultation

How long is the consultation?
Consultations are dependent upon your needs. Generally they last between 30-40 min.

Do you charge a consultation fee?
No, there are no fees charged for consultation visits.

Will I be able to talk with professional doctors?
Yes. Istanbul Surgical Arts works with highly qualified specialist doctors; who are legally authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, who act in accordance with the relevant regulations and carry the necessary competencies and licences.
The reason for the free consultation is to introduce our doctors and provide you with information in an ethical and professional manner.

In which language will the consultancy be conducted?
All of our doctors are fluent in English. If you need further support and let us know when you book your consultation, our patient consultants will be ready to assist you in German, Arabic and Italian.

What kind of information can I gather during the free consultation?
You can share your questions about your needs and expectations with your doctor. After the consultation, your doctor will give you detailed information about solution alternatives and surgeries that are appropriate for you.

Do you have before and after photos of recent patients that I can look at for each procedure and what results are reasonable for me?
The doctor will share the before and after photographs of the planned procedure during the consultation process. The identities of our patients are not shared for legal and ethical purposes. The identities of the patients will be concealed in the photos shared with you by masking customised regions such as the eyes.

Are the medical supplies and materials used during procedures safe?
Yes. The instruments, devices and materials used in all procedures and surgeries are in line with international standards. At Istanbul Surgical Arts, we are particularly sensitive about the use of FDA approved devices and materials.

Which technique will be the most appropriate for my procedure?
You will be informed about the techniques that are best suited for you during your consultation with your doctor. Every surgical solution is prepared according to the individual needs of the patient.

What is the doctor's/surgeon's experience in performing the procedures?
At Istanbul Surgical Arts, we work with qualified, experienced, professional, principled and ethical experts. All of our specialist doctors have experience working abroad, have skills in the latest surgical techniques, and have performed many surgical procedures in their fields.

How many years of plastic surgery training do your doctor's have?
As with all countries, entrance into medical school is possible through the achievement of high rankings in official university entrance exams taken by well-educated students. After 6 years of basic medical education, those studying at medical school can opt to take specialist training for a further 4 or 5 years. In Turkey, in order to qualify for specialist training it is also necessary to be successful in the TUS examination which is organized nationwide. The specialist area of Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery is one of the branches which requires the highest TUS grade.

All the doctors we work with at Istanbul Surgical Arts are principled and ethical specialists who have qualifications from the country's top medical schools, national and international experience, and have produced international medical articles.

Doctors whom Istanbul Surgical Arts works with are legally authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, and act in accordance with the relevant regulations and carry the necessary competencies and licences.


Will we be able come to a mutual agreement regarding my treatment?
We aim to provide our guests peace of mind, by providing them with an agreement on the procedures that will be offered and the conditions that are mutually agreed upon.

Are accommodation expenses covered by Istanbul Surgical Arts?
Istanbul Surgical Arts has agreements with a variety of hotels to provide accommodation to our guests.

You can choose to stay in a hotel of your own choice. In such cases, accommodation costs are not included in the price quoted by Istanbul Surgical Arts.

Istanbul Surgical Arts can assist you in making a reservation at a hotel of your choice if you are choosing to stay in accommodation that is not part of the group of hotels that Istanbul Surgical Arts is contracted with.

Can Istanbul Surgical Arts support me to purchase tickets for my flights?
Yes. Istanbul Surgical Arts can arrange your flights for you. The cost for your flights will be calculated separately on your agreement and there will be a service fee included.

Are internal transfers included in my package?
All airport, hotel, and hospital transfers are made free of charge for the duration of your procedure and/or surgery. There are costs involved for additional transfer requests.

Where will I stay during my time in Istanbul?
Before you arrive, you can choose the hotel you would like to stay at from our list of agreed hotels. Apart from the hotels offered, we are happy to help you make a reservation at a hotel of your own choice.

What is included in the hotel accommodation?
All hotel accommodation planned by Istanbul Surgical Arts includes breakfast in the package. We can also inform you of restaurant alternatives for lunch and dinner, where you will be able to try traditional and regional delicacies.

How do I pay for my surgery?
You can pay by cash or by credit card; you can pay from your home country or when you arrive in Turkey. Payment needs to be made before the surgery/procedure takes place. As part of our procedures, we are not able to carry out planned procedures or surgeries without full payment in advance.

Operation Planning

How does Istanbul Surgical Arts choose which doctor they will work with?
Istanbul Surgical Arts works with highly qualified specialist doctors; and hospitals, medical centers, and outpatient clinics that are legally authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, who act in accordance with the relevant regulations and carry the necessary competencies and licences. For this reason, we have long-term collaboration with a team of specialist doctors. 

Can I choose the timing of my surgery/procedure?
After you specify the dates that are suitable to you, we will plan the date and time of surgery together with our doctors and hospital. We will then make the relevant hospital appointment.

Where will my surgery take place?
Your procedures will be performed by leading and professional staff in the industry, will take place in hospitals and clinics which are specialized in this field of you procedure and are also in accordance with world standards. These hospitals and clinics are located in good neighborhoods of the city, are easily accessible and are close to our recommended hotels.

Information about the hospital or clinic where your procedure will be performed will be shared with you during the planning process.

Will I have a private hospital room?
Yes. During your stay in the hospital, you will have a private room to yourself with its own bathroom. The rooms are designed to provide accommodation for the comfort of your companion also.

Where will my non-surgical treatments take place?
Non-surgical treatments are carried out in clinics or hospitals that follow international hygiene standards and are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Who will apply my non-surgical treatments?
As with surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments are performed by our specialists and doctors.

Which type of anesthesia will be used?
The type of anesthesia used for each surgery is distinct and specific to the procedure to be carried out. However, the type of anesthesia to be applied is determined after a physical examination is performed and after the anesthesiologist evaluates your medical reports and results.

How long do I have to stay?
Your stay will be arranged according to the planned procedure or surgery. How long you would like to stay in the city will also be factored into the length of your stay. Your doctor will tell you the minimum time you need to stay. We can plan your flight and accommodation by including any additional time that you may wish to spend in Turkey.

How will I be informed of the developments for the planning of my procedure?
We are in constant communication with you over the phone, e-mail or WhatsApp channel to share all the details and developments for your planned procedure. We also provide you with all the details about your flight, accommodation, surgery/procedure plan and Patient Consultant information via an online, secure portal that we have designed for our guests.

Flight & Accommodation Plan

Are flights and accommodation planned by Istanbul Surgical Arts?
After the date of the surgery is decided and the hospital reservation is made, the reservation with Istanbul Surgical Arts contracted hotels, and if desired your flight booking will be organised through Istanbul Surgical Arts. There will be an additional service fee charged for reservations and flight tickets that are requested.

You can choose to stay at a hotel of our own choice. In such cases, accommodation costs are not included in the price quoted by Istanbul Surgical Arts.

If you would like to stay in a hotel other than our contracted hotels, Istanbul Surgical Arts can help you make your reservation at a hotel of your choice.
Will I need a visa to visit Turkey?
You will need to check the official Turkish website for visa information to find out if you need a visa to enter into Turkey, the documents that you may need and the procedure you will have to follow to obtain one.

Do I need a travel insurance?
Travel insurance is not compulsory but is recommended.

Do I need to get any tests before traveling?
There is no need to have any medical tests done before traveling. All your tests will be organised and performed before your surgery takes place and after your arrival in Turkey. We expect you to share full details of any previous illnesses, surgeries, hereditary diseases and medications that you regularly use. You can access your health records, on our secure online system designed specifically for our Istanbul Surgical Arts guests.

What kind of preparations do I have to make before traveling to Turkey?
Your Patient Consultant will provide you with some documentation to inform you about the issues you must consider before and during your trip to Turkey. We are happy to assist you if you have additional queries.

Accompanying Companions

Do I need someone to accompany me during my trip?
Depending on what your procedure will be, the duration of your stay in hospital and your needs may vary. When we plan the details of your stay and your surgery, we will share with you information of our recommendations regarding a companion for your visit. In the absence of a companion, Istanbul Surgical Arts Patient Consultants will be happy to assist you in the support of your needs.

How do I plan my companion's flight and accommodation?
If you share your companion's details before your stay, Istanbul Surgical Arts can assist you in the planning for both you and your companion. The related service fee will be added to the cost.


All operations and non-surgical treatments are performed by plastic surgeons.


All operations take place in Ministry of Health approved or JCI accredited hospitals located at the city center. All medical devices and implants used are FDA approved.


Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.

Our hair transplant team is led by plastic surgeons and doctors specialized specifically on hair transplant.


Our operations take place in a JCI accredited hospital located at the city center.


Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.


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