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Sometimes the appearance of our children's prominent ears becomes a factor that affects their school and social life negatively.
Ear Surgery (known as otoplasty) is an extremely effective and easy solution to support your child's self-confidence.
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What is Plastic Ear Surgery (otoplasty)?

Prominent ears is a congenital condition. Many factors can be involved including genetic traits, and others such as environmental ones.
Ear correction surgery is simply the repositioning of the ear folds back to their normal position, or creating the ear folds if they are missing, using various techniques.
Small holes can be made behind the ear and the ear can be moved back into position through the use of surgical string. Alternatively, in the case of more severe cases, small incisions can be made behind the year in the fold and cartilage removed to make the necessary changes.
There are many different techniques that can be used in this regard. Almost all of the different techniques are procedures that do not require hospitalization or general anesthesia. Children are given a sedoanalgesia substance in fruit juice that helps them fall asleep. Your child comes out of surgery without feeling any pain. The procedure can easily be performed with the application of local anesthesia where the patient is not put to sleep.

What Sorts of Results Can be Achieved through Plastic Surgery for My Child's Ear?

Plastic surgery ear procedures are not limited to the correction of protruding ears.
If there are no problems in the size of the ear cartilage but there are deficiencies in the ear folds, it is possible to gain proper folds in the ear by using special surgical string. With this method, quite satisfactory results are obtained.
If there are problems in the size of the ear cartilage, that is to say, your child has protruding ears, small incisions are made behind the ear to shave off and remove the excess cartilage so that the ear is brought to a normal and appropriate position in line with the face. With the creation of new folds, the ears will be given a new position that completes and complements the face.

From Which Age Can Plastic Surgery for the Ear be Carried Out?

Protruding ears is a congenital condition. Genetic characteristics, environmental factors often play a role in the cases seen during childhood, and this situation can cause problems with self esteem and socialisation.
Among the easiest operations of aesthetic surgery, ear surgery can be performed from the ages of 7-8 onwards.
This surgery is not carried out before the age of 7, as procedures carried out in the first 7 years of age, where ear development is the most intense, can create other problems in the long run.

What Can I Expect at My First Doctor's Consultation?

In your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, the doctor will want to know about your child's general medical condition and will record the information received. Your child's age, previous operations or illnesses, names of medicines that you use regularly are the kinds of information that your doctor will need.
Your doctor will then evaluate the current condition of the ears through an examination. Your doctor will tell you in detail the appropriate procedure and alternatives for the solution. The method that will provide the most satisfactory result and meet your expectations will be decided by an evaluation that will be made specific to your child. Istanbul Surgical Arts ensures that personal solutions are offered which are satisfactory to the wishes of our guests, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our services.

What Kind of Anaesthesia is Used in Ear Surgery?

There is no need for deep anesthesia for this procedure. Local anesthesia is sufficient. However, for the most comfort to be provided to the child, we recommend that a sedative medicine is provided in fruit juice in addition to local anesthesia. Through the use of these medications, the child can sleep through the procedure.
The patient wakes up within about half an hour of the completion of the surgery performed with the assistance of sedoanalgesia. Within a short period of time the patient can have some liquids (most likely soup) and then solid food. After a few hours of rest in hospital, the patient can return home.

Approximately How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The duration of the procedure ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

What Precautions Should I Take Before Ear Surgery?

    •  Your child should not take aspirin or aspirin-type medications for 2 weeks prior to surgery.
    •  For 8 hours prior to the operation, your child should not eat or drink anything.
    •  For your child's post-operative comfort, you should bring clothes for your child that are comfortable and button down the front and are easy to put on and take off.

What Can I Expect Following the Procedure?

After the procedure, an elastic bandage is placed around your child's head which covers the ears. This bandage is applied to protect the ears against external trauma and to preserve the new shape. The next day, when you come for your control appointment, your child will get to choose a bandana of his/her choice to replace the elastic bandage. The bandana will need to be used night and day for 10-15 days, and then only at night for 4-5 weeks. Your child can go on with his normal day to day life two days following the procedure.
If small incisions were made during the surgery, the sutures used will be self-absorbing, so they will disappear on their own, without the need for removal.

Will There be any Scarring as a Result of the Ear Surgery?

No matter what method is used, there is no visible trace after ear surgery since there is no procedure carried out on the visible part of the ear, in the front area. The marks behind the ear vary according to the method used. In eligible patients, there will be no resulting scars due to the procedure being carried out through the use of small holes and surgical string. In cases where small incisions are made to reshape the cartilage, there may be scars that remain that in the long-term will be hardly visible. In summary, there is no need to worry about scarring in ear surgery procedures, as these traces are normally hidden in the rear part of the ear.

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