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Natural Volume, Remarkable Contours...
Autologous Fat Grafting has gained popularity in recent years. The procedure has been carried out in many different areas of the body successfully, including the delicate under eye area, and to add volume to cheekbones.
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How is the Autologous Fat Grafting Procedure Carried Out?

The procedure is used to support the addition of volume to certain parts of the body to achieve a more striking appearance. Autologous Fat Grafting, also known as "fat transplantation" or "autologous fat transplantation", is the use of the patient's own fat tissues through the process of liposuction, for added volume in a different part of the body without the addition of any additives. Liposuction is applied to an appropriate region of the body to obtain the fat tissue to be used. The obtained fat tissue is then processed to separate the fluid, blood and fat. The fat is then injected into the desired location in the sterile conditions of the operating room. Volume or support for the targeted area is achieved in this way.

Is Autologous Fat Grafting a Permanent Solution?

Studies in this regard have shown that the permanency of the procedure in the Autologous Fat Grafting process varies from person to person. How much of the applied fat lasts in the area and for how long varies from person to person. For most people the fat remains in the area for a long period of time, but for some, much of the fat disappears in a short period of time. The permanency of the transfer tends to improve if the fat removed experiences the least amount of damage or trauma during the collection process. If the classic liposuction technique is to be used the dry technique is more advantageous. In recent years the general consensus has been that the fat tissue removed through Vaser liposuction which uses ultrasound (high frequency sound waves) results in less damage and is therefore has more of a chance to survive in the area in which it is injected. In cases where fat loss in intense, follow up sessions provide permanent and satisfying results in the achieving the desired volume increase.

What is the Difference Between Autologous Fat Grafting and Other Filler Applications?

    •  Unlike other synthetic filler applications, Autologous Fat Grafting is accomplished by the use of the person's own natural fat tissue. It does not carry the risks that are associated with synthetic fillers and this procedure does not bear the risks of synthetic fillers.
    •  The Autologous Fat Grafting application often provides longer-term results (the degree of permanence varies from person to person).
    •  If the patient does not have an extremely low body mass index, that is, the patient is not extremely thin, fat tissue is unlimited. Synthetic fillers are generally available in packages of only a few cc. However, in the case of autologous fat grafting, up to several hundred cc fat tissue can be easily obtained during the procedure. Because it is your own tissue, it is used safely without restriction in many areas of the body.
    •  Once the operating room environment is prepared for liposuction, the desired amount of fat can be obtained. The collected fat can be used safely because it is the patient's own tissue.
    •  The use of synthetic fillers for breast augmentation, hip shaping, or in the calf area for volume brings with it many complications and makes the procedure risky.
    •  At Istanbul Surgical Arts, we adopt the principle of serving our guests with FDA approved products. The FDA is a globally recognised specialist institution and we value their views and approach to filler materials. Currently, there are no FDA approved synthetic fillers for body regions such as the hips, and breasts that require high volumes of material. Therefore, we do not recommend alternative synthetic fillers in these regions. We offer the use of synthetic fillers on the face, as an alternative solution for our guests.
    •  While a few minutes is sufficient for the application of synthetic hyaluronic acid fillers, the implementation of Autologous Fat Grafting requires operating room conditions and takes considerably more time.

What Can I Expect at My First Doctor's Consultation?

If you think there are parts of your body that could be supported with extra volume, or if you want to put more emphasis on areas such as your cheekbones or breasts, your specialist plastic surgeon will consider Autologous Fat Grafting as an option. Your doctor will inform you if Autologous Fat Grafting would be a good option to meet the expectations you have. At this point, the state of the region to be treated and the region from which fat will be taken and the amount needed will be taken into consideration. After the initial evaluation, you can shape the decision for the procedure together with your doctor.
If your first visit is a virtual meeting over the internet, sharing the information that your doctor needs will be an important part of the initial consultation.

What Kind of Anesthesia is Used in Autologous Fat Grafting?

General anesthesia or sedation is used during the procedure. You can decide which anesthesia is right for you together with your doctor when you have your initial consultation.

How Long on Average Does the Autologous Fat Grafting Procedure Take?

The application may take between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the area to involved.

What Should I be Aware of Before Autolog Fat Graft Procedure?

    •  Smoking is a risk factor for any surgical procedure. It is recommended that you do not smoke for a month before and after the procedure, especially because it can cause discomfort and additional complications in wound healing.
    •  It is recommended that you do not take aspirin or medications that contain aspirin 2 weeks prior to procedure.
    •  It is recommended you do not take alcohol the night before the procedure so that dehydration does not occur.
    •  You should not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the procedure.
    •  We recommend that you have comfortable clothing with you for your stay in the hospital (tracksuit, pyjamas with buttons down the front etc).

What Can I Expect Following the Autologous Fat Grafting Procedure?

Depending on the extent of the procedure performed, you may be asked to stay in the hospital for one night or you may be able to go home or to your hotel on the same day. Within a few days you can return to work and your normal daily activities. Pain is not expected following treatment. Swelling in the region where the fat was removed along with the area where it was applied is expected, with bruising occasionally experienced also. These effects disappear quickly within a few days.

When Will I See the Results of the Procedure?

You can see the results immediately after the procedure. However, additional volume increase may be noticed in the first few days because of the swelling expected in the area of application. The swelling will decrease day to day, with the final results visible within one to two weeks.

Will I Have Scarring as a Result of the Procedure?

You may have two very small incision marks where the the cannulas are inserted to perform the liposuction. These incisions will be very small and barely noticeable. Scarring is not expected in the area of application because of the very fine cannula used for the fat grafting procedure.

I Want to Have Liposuction Performed on Different Parts of My Body. Can the Fat Removed be Used at the Same Time of the Surgery?

Yes. The evaluation of the fat removed during the liposuction procedure to be used for fat grafting purposes can be discussed with your doctor. Your plastic surgeon will use his/her expertise to inform you if the fat removed can be used and in which areas of the body. If desired, Autologous Fat Grafting can be added to the scope of procedure. Areas such as the cheekbone, and under eye area can be considered.

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