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The chin is one of the key components of a strong face structure. The protruding nature of the chin exists only in humans and makes a positive contribution to the appearance of the face both in men and women. Through the use of FDA approved products containing hyaluronic acid or Calcium Hydroxyapatite, dermal filling applied at the tip of the chin enables a very attractive and natural effect on the overall appearance of the face.
Dermal filler applications provide satisfying and attractive results especially in the treatment of mild to moderate chin imperfections. If the chin is receded to a more advanced degree, then a chin implant may be a more appropriate way to move forward to produce a more effective result.
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All operations and non-surgical treatments are performed by plastic surgeons.


All operations take place in Ministry of Health approved or JCI accredited hospitals located at the city center. All medical devices and implants used are FDA approved.


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