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 Marionette Lines
If the lines that extend downward from our lip corners are deep, they are called marionette lines. If these lines are deeper than usual, they create a sad or unhappy expression that is noticed even in photographs. Additionally, the marionette lines have an impact on the lines that descend from the nose down to the rim of the lips, making them appear deeper and longer than they actually are. This happens because visually they appear as a continuation of the marionette lines.
It is possible to reduce marionette lines with a very short session of dermal filling. The sad expression created by these lines will be replaced by a more positive one and though the area from the nose to the corners of the mouth are not included in the procedure, a significant softening and diminished appearance is created here also.
Again, the filler to be used must be an FDA approved hyaluronic acid product. The effect will last 8-12 months.
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