You know, ladies feel bad sometimes. It was at such a time that I met Dr.Erdem Aksoy and his team. They welcomed me so well and they gave me such confidence that I left myself completely in the magic hands of Dr.Erdem Aksoy. My face was loosening, my neck was sagging. Besides, I was experiencing tough times in my life. Erdem Aksoy and his team listened to me. They gave me moral support. I suddenly saw these warm-blooded people as my family. After the surgery, When I came to myself, I saw the "brand new me". Dr.Aksoy was beside me with his silver tongue. His assistant checked me hourly... Everything was so good... The best thing was the moment that I saw my new face after my bandages were opened. Yes, it was great. My face and neck came out to be younger. I am so happy now. I owe him and his angels without wings, a debt of gratitude... Thankful to know them all.