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The shape and thickness of the eyebrows and what is considered beautiful is constantly changing; it is defined by fashion and also according to changing global and local trends. But eyebrows, which have a soft curve, avoiding a surprised or angry expression, are always attractive.
One of the reasons clients seek out plastic surgeons is for the consideration of brow lift procedures.
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How is the Brow Lift Procedure Performed?

The procedures in this category can be divided into two different types, operative and non-operative interventions.
The most commonly used non-operative methods are Botulinum Toxin treatment and Brow thread lifts. Brow thread lifts involve using special threads to lift the brow up into the desired position. In recent years, the non-operative method of brow lifting using ultrasound energy has also become popular.

What is the Best Method for a Brow Lift?

All procedures currently being used by plastic surgeons in brow lift procedures are in fact successful techniques. The best method for you will be based on an evaluation of your individual needs and your expectations of the procedure.
Nowadays the most commonly applied method to lift the brow is Botulinum Toxin treatment. The ease of the application with the maximum amount of patient comfort are the biggest impacts in its popularity. It's possible to obtain a positive outcome that lasts for up to 4 months with a simple 5 minute application. The 4 month period may be considered short, but in fact, even if operated surgically, a permanent effect is unlikely to last more than a maximum of 2 years. It is difficult to shape the brow in line with emerging and changing trends with applications that have a 2 year permanency. As a result, the most effective method when comparing the risks, costs, and effectiveness is Botulinum Toxin treatment.

How is a Brow Lift Performed with Botulinum Toxin Treatment?

Botulinum Toxin treatment can be applied without anesthesia in as little as 5 minutes. The effects of Botulinum Toxin to lift the brow are satisfactory and full results are seen within 3-4 days. In order to achieve the best result possible with a natural appearance, it is important to find a Plastic Surgeon or dermatologist who has experience in this regard.
Effects last for an average of 4 months. Botulinum Toxin should be reapplied on average every 4 to 5 months. If the application is continued regularly and is uninterrupted every 4-5 months for 4 to 5 cycles, the effect of the treatment becomes permanent due to the weakening of the muscles that cause wrinkles. It is possible to obtain long-lasting results with regular Botulinum Toxin re-applications over a long period of time.
Botulinum Toxin application was used in the field of neurology before its use the cosmetic field. There is no harm posed to your health with the regular re-application of FDA approved Botulinum Toxin in the hands of a skilled specialist doctor. One of the most fundamental practices here at Istanbul Surgical Arts, together with our team of doctors, is our use of FDA approved devices and supplies in all our interventions.
About Botulinum Toxin
Botulinum Toxin application was used in the field of neurology before its use the cosmetic field. There is no harm posed to your health with the regular re-application of FDA approved Botulinum Toxin in the hands of a skilled specialist doctor. One of the most fundamental practices here at Istanbul Surgical Arts , together with our team of doctors,  is our use of FDA approved devices and supplies in all our interventions. 
About Botulinum Toxin

How do Brow Thread Lifts Work?

The Brow Thread Lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A fine pinhole needle coupled with specialised thread is used to lift the eyebrow. A disadvantage of the Brow Thread Lift is the thread is not able to maintain its tension for a long period of time. The threads begin to lose their tension on average sometime between 6 months and 1 year, and the brow then returns to its original state.
Brow lifts can also be performed through the use of ultrasound energy, ultrasound waves are transmitted to the tissue beneath the skin which in turn lifts the brow. Purposely manufactured FDA approved devices are used by applying a special gel to the application area. A probe which glides across the skin is used, and an appropriate number of shots are transmitted to complete the procedure. At Istanbul Surgical Arts, we use the FDA approved Ulthera device, which is safe and effective.
The results can be seen after a month. By 3 months the result will be more visible. Although the results will last for 12 to 18 months the effectiveness of the ultrasound energy technology is limited when compared with the other procedures.

What is Brow Lift surgery?

There are basically two approaches to surgical brow lifts. The first procedure entails the lifting and fixing of the stiff membrane structure which is found in the deepest layer of the skin on the forehead. The other procedure involves the use of special threads coupled with very small screws through small surgical incisions to lift the brow.

The first method described where the hard membrane structure deep in the forehead is lifted and fixed is usually performed coupled with an upper eyelid lift. Since the incision required for the upper eyelid lift needs to be made in this area there is no need for an additional incision for the brow lift procedure.  

Botulinum Toxin treatment provides a more effective and permanent result when compared to the other procedures. Even if the brow slacks a little over time, it will not return to its original state following the treatment.

Based on the fact that the shape and size of the ideal eyebrow changes continuously over time and according to global trends, we do not prefer to use brow procedures which are permanent and irreversible.

In the second method described, which uses threads and very small screws, small incisions are made in order to fix the thread to the edge of the brow. The small screws are attached to the bone in the forehead. Following this, the brow is lifted by attaching the threads to the screws. Within 1 to 2 years, the thread used may lose its tension, and begin to droop. This may require surgery to be conducted again, where the surgeon will re-enter through the same incision and tighten the thread. 

How Long Does the Surgical Brow Lift Surgery Take?

The procedure takes on average 1 hour.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used in the Surgical Brow Lift Procedure?

The procedure is performed under sedation or general anesthesia. After conducting his evaluation, your specialist, will determine the type of anesthesia to be used taking into consideration your current situation and preferences.

What Should I be Aware of Before the Surgical Brow Lift Procedure?

    •  Smoking is a risk factor for any surgical procedure. It is recommended that you do not smoke for a month before and after the Surgical Brow Lift procedure, especially because it can cause discomfort and additional complications in wound healing.
    •  It is recommended that you do not take aspirin or medications that contain aspirin 2 weeks prior to surgery.
    •  It is recommended you do not take alcohol the night before the operation so that dehydration does not occur.
    •  You should not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the surgery.
    •  Following the surgery, we recommend that you have comfortable clothing with you for your stay in the hospital (tracksuit, nightgown with buttons down the front etc).

What Can I Expect Following the Brow Lift Procedure?

You will return to your everyday activities the next day. Pain is not an expected part of this procedure.

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