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Some of us have thin lips and imagine ourselves with fuller ones. As some of us mature, we notice that our lips begin to get thinner and vertical lip lines start to appear.
For this reason, the most popular area in which dermal fillers are applied worldwide is the lip region. However, in the beginning some patients shy away from this procedure, as we often see exaggerated and ungraceful dermal filler application results. In fact dermal lip filling procedures in the hands of a skilled specialist, applied using the most appropriate method, can provide a natural and attractive result that does not draw the disturbing gaze of others.
The technique to be chosen will be based on the needs and the expectations of each patient. The filler material to be used should be FDA approved, contain hyaluronic acid and be specifically produced for the lip region.
The purpose of plumping the lip is not to plump the lips beyond normal proportions but to provide volume and beauty by turning the lip out slightly to a reasonable level. Increasing the visibility of the pink mucosa part is a way of doing this. The expected result is not to draw attention to an abnormally thick lip, but to provide an eye-catching and graceful look.
In addition to this, a more natural and beautiful result can be achieved by adding height and volume to the two lines (filters) running parallel to each other between the lip and the nose.
When FDA approved material is used in the lip filling procedure, the result lasts about 8-12 months on average. As the filler material is slowly broken down by the body, the result will gradually decrease over time. However, a repeat of the procedure is not recommended before a year has passed.
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