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With a simple definition, mesotherapy is the injection of some specific substances into the skin in the aim of improving skin quality. In fact, PRP which is derived from the patient's own blood is also a type of mesotherapy. Vitamins, preparations containing hyaluronic acid, and various medicines are also different kinds of mesotherapy that are used according to the result that is desired. Volite, a new product used in this area, is one of the best and most effective.
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What is Mesotherapy?

In simple terms, mesotherapy aims to improve the quality of the skin. It is a non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment where materials are micro-injected into and under the skin. These materials can include; materials that are processed from the patient's own body such as blood or fat, homeopathic medications, pharmaceutical agents, plant extracts, vitamins and many other ingredients. Volite, a new product used in this area, is one of the best and most effective.
In this sense, PRP, which is obtained from the patient's own blood and injected into the skin, is actually a kind of mesotherapy. Various vitamins and hyaluronic acid preparations which serve specific purposes can also be applied to the skin through mesotherapy.

Is Mesotherapy an effective way to improve the quality of my skin?

Making such a generalisation would not be very accurate. It would be better to say that mesotherapy can provide the desired results if the material to be injected is chosen accurately and is known to be effective.
Unfortunately, the field of "cosmetics" is very open to commercial exploitation, and so we see a number of ineffective procedures being carried out under the guise of "mesotherapy". We see substances with unknown raw materials being used and injected into the skin. Furthermore, these substances are not scientifically proven to be effective. For this reason, mesotherapy should be performed by a dermatologist or a plastic surgery specialist who is both ethical and an expert in the field.

What are the Most Reliable and Effective Mesotherapy Practices?

We often encounter countless mesotherapy procedures through various communication channels. We seem to be coming across a lot of new mesotherapy treatments purporting to use a variety of vitamins with expressions of "youthful" and "beauty" added into the mix.
However, first and foremost it is important to know that the method being offered to you is scientifically proven before you go ahead with it. You should also be aware of any health risks associated with the treatment and what international plastic surgery and dermatology authorities have to say about it, and what other research is available.
For this reason, please note that for your safety, just as in any procedure that you may elect to have, any implants, medicines and treatments to be used, including for mesotherapy, are FDA approved. At Istanbul Surgical Arts, because of the ethical values that we embrace, we use only methods and medicines approved by the FDA. In addition, we recommend PRP applications that use the patient's own blood, resulting in significant improvement in skin quality. See PRP Boost Laser and PRP for further information...

How is Mesotherapy applied?

Mesotherapy is applied using micro-injectors or special injection guns produced specifically for mesotherapy.

How long does the Mesotherapy procedure take?

Mesotherapy is a procedure that takes approximately 10-15 minutes if FDA approved hyaluronic acid preparations are used. In the case of PRP, an additional 20 minutes are added to the procedure, since the patient's blood must be taken and centrifuged. In this case the process is completed in 30-35 minutes.

What can I expect at my first doctor's consultation?

Following the doctor's examination of your skin, the doctor will make recommendations based on your needs and your expectations for the procedure. If mesotherapy is determined to be the best procedure for you, the most appropriate type of mesotherapy will be recommended to you. Your doctor will also be able to introduce you to methods that may be deemed to be more effective than mesotherapy. The chosen treatment will be applied following the doctor's examination and based on your preferences.

Do I need anesthesia during the Mesotherapy procedure?

Mesotherapy is a short procedure that can be easily applied in a clinical setting and does not require anesthesia. If desired, an anesthetic cream for added comfort may be applied before the procedure.

Will there be any permanent marks left behind after the procedure?

There are no marks of any kind left on your skin after the mesotherapy procedure. There may be slight redness experienced at the injection sites which will subside within a few hours of the treatment:

What should I be aware of before the procedure?

There is nothing in particular that you need to be aware of, or careful about before the procedure.

What can I expect following the procedure?

Following the mesotherapy procedure, you may experience several hours of redness due to micro-injections made to the skin. Very rarely, tiny bruises may appear that can be easily covered with concealer while they heal. You will not feel any pain after the procedure. You can return to your normal day to day activities following the procedure, however you should wait for a couple of hours before applying makeup.
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