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Istanbul Surgical Arts works with highly qualified specialist doctors; and hospitals, medical centers, and outpatient clinics that are legally authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, who act in accordance with the relevant regulations and carry the necessary competencies and licences.
DR. ERDEM AKSOY | Aesthetic&Plastic Surgeon

I never perform a procedure on a patient, that I wouldn't perform on my mother, sister or wife

Dr. Erdem Aksoy was born in 1974 in Ankara. He graduated from the School of Medicine at Gazi University in 1999. He specialized in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery at Ankara Training and Research Hospital. He serves both domestic and international patients in his clinic in Istanbul. Dr. Erdem Aksoy has published articles in global professional publications.

"Natural results" are the basis for all the aesthetic procedures he performs whether surgery is involved or not. Dr. Erdem Aksoy is passionate about his profession and carries out his procedures without sacrificing his principled and ethical approach.


  • He is passionate about his profession. He decided to leave his Orthopedic Specialization Training half way through his studies to become a Plastic Surgeon. He was successful in making his dream a reality after being successful on the very first entrance exam.
  • Ethical values are at the forefront of his work. He is famous for farewelling patients from his clinic without performing any procedures if he does not feel it is necessary.
  • After a major earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, he voluntarily flew to and worked in the region. Under extreme conditions, he used fragments found in the earthquake as implants, and helped earthquake victims return to life. He returned to Turkey with a and heartwarming send-off that he will never forget.
  • He likes wakeboarding and snowboarding.
  • He likes fusion cuisine. He is a great chef that can prepare a feast for 10 people in an hour.
  • Between the years of 2006-2011 he wrote screenplays for some of the episodes in a Turkish television series called "Doctors". The scripts he wrote were about true stories that he had encountered throughout his career.
  • He can speak English and French.
  • His favourite colour is purple. Purple is the colour that represents plastic surgery.


    Dr. Hamid Aydın started his professional life as a physician and then worked in the Aesthetics and Beauty field from the year 2000 onwards. Through effective international collaboration and communication, Dr. Aydın introduced quality hair transplant solutions to many countries and also treated many international patients. As medical tourism took on increasing importance in Turkey and the world, he worked together with the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Department of Culture on joint projects regarding medical tourism.

    In 2004, he defined a new technique, HRS, that is recognized by the International Standards for Hair Transplantation. In the years following, he provided certified training to international doctors, nurses, and health tourism intermediary staff regarding the HRS Technique.

    Dr. Hamid Aydın leads a team of expert doctors offering high-quality hair transplanting services to international patients.

    DR. IBRAHIM BOZKURT | Anaesthesiologist

    Dr. Ibrahim Bozkurt was born in 1960 in Sivas. He graduated from the School of Medicine at Cerrahpasa Faculty at 1984. He specialized as Medicine Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist. He was situated at United States of America Ohio State University Hospital Intensive Care Unit as an observer by 1991.

    He is still performing his profession especially upon aesthetics specific surgeries.

    All operations and non-surgical treatments are performed by plastic surgeons.


    All operations take place in Ministry of Health approved or JCI accredited hospitals located at the city center. All medical devices and implants used are FDA approved.


    Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.

    Our hair transplant team is led by plastic surgeons and doctors specialized specifically on hair transplant.


    Our operations take place in a JCI accredited hospital located at the city center.


    Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers and hotel reservations are all inclusive.


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